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Here at Positively Blue, we believe that our passion for the team can make a difference. Amidst a sea of criticism, our blog is an oasis of positivity. We'll highlight standout plays, applaud the efforts of our players, and bring you the stories that make us proud to be NYCFC fans.

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The Man in Seat 9
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The Man in Seat 9? Because, well, he sits in seat 9 of a certain section.

Writer and author, John Harbour, has been with New York City FC since day one and started covering NYCFC from the press box as The Man in Seat 9 for Vavel US and The Watertower Online and Last Word on Soccer.

He continues covering the team, not from the press box, but as a man in the stands where he can cheer during matches and provide extremely biased posts.

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